Wednesday, March 01, 2006

10th District Dems...

2 Democrats vying to challenge 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk met face to face in Highland Park this week. Zane Smith and Dan Seals participated in a forum at the Highland Park Community Center.

Smith bashed Dan Seals saying that Seals didn't have the right kind of experience to challenge Mark Kirk. Meanwhile Seals said that his experience working for Senator Joe Leiberman has prepared him to take on Kirk.

There was a lot of agreement on the issues such as withdrawing from Iraq, ending the Bush tax cuts, and providing universal health care. But a clear favorite came out of the forum... Seals trounced Smith 65 to 10 in the straw poll.

But even with the these two strong candidates, some of the committeemen/women in the room said it might be impossible to beat Congressman Kirk because of his popularity with many groups that often support Democrats and his ability to work with all wings of his own party.

More on this race coming soon... should be a fun one