Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lake County Board Race- District 2

Latest from the ground in Lake County Board District #2..........

Incumbent Randall Whitmore has had his hands full for the last few months. He is facing a difficult primary challenge for his county board sit from Beach Park's Jason Mercure.

A lot of politicians have been talking about ethics recently, and now the issue seems to be coming up in this race...Decide for yourself on this one:

Randall Whitmore sent out a taxpayer funded mail piece to voters in his district, one problem, he sent it out within 30 days of the primary election, in other words some may say he is campaigning with government dollars. If its illegal for members of the General Assembly to send out state paid mailings within 30 days of the election, why is it ok for Randell Whitmore and other Lake County Board Members...

Bottom line-- Lake County needs tougher ethics rules